Seoul, Korea! Time to see the ‘rents, cousins, and friends. “Hi, mom and dad! Yes, it’s good to be on vacation. And by vacation I mean one year away from the office. Oh,I didn’t mention that on our last phone call?” Well, dad couldn’t quite grasp the concept of worldwide travel but, that aside, we all had a nice time together, going out to dinners, and even visiting the countryside where my grandparents and great grandfather are buried.
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The countryside east of Seoul called Yang Pyong where my grandparents (on my dad’s side) and great grandfather are buried. This is my grandfather’s childhood hometown where he later returned as an adult and built a high school nearby (the first in the area!) to help the locals. Apparently, he was an underachiever in the family.

At a restaurant nearby in Yang Pyong. These banchan side dishes are vegetables from the mountain and marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce, etc. Healthy and delicious.

… as was the spicy mushroom and tofu soup we ordered …

And it was great catching up with friends! Thank you Colleen for letting us stay at your place in Sunae-dong! Hope you enjoy another year of teaching the kids in Korea!

… and we even bumped into my brother’s girlfriend, Hettie, in Sunae-dong. She took us to a nice lunch and then a coffee/dessert bar…

Coffee over ice! So good on a hot and humid day! And that iced coffee behind there is dutch coffee (a cold process coffee system using cold water and coffee beans). The fancy drip machines looked like contraptions in a frankenstein move. The iced coffee was great although not really sure if it made much of a difference in the taste.
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… and to my cousins Christine and David and Christine’s son Joshua – thank you for a fun night at a fantastic bbq joint! This place had a great byob policy (no corkage fee on your wine) and the beef for the bbq was a delicious top sirloin! David, good luck with your movie directing career. Please keep me in mind for any starring roles;)