A couple of food joints we hit before hitting Itaewon (the shopping district that sells everything knockoff. I once was a proud owner of a Gucci watch from here for $10. That’s “Gugci”)

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A vendor selling spicy ricecakes, kimbap (korean sushi rolls), and mystery meat sausages.

a little ice cream to hold Kirsten over before lunch.

And this is one of the lunch spots we hit. They serve beef soup. And that’s about it. Your order options are large or small. They don’t even care about serving you water as there’s a big water pot with cups sitting by the exit for diners after they eat. Apparently, they’ve had no reason to change for the past 75 years. My dad went to this place for the first time as a child and he said they’ve barely changed a thing. Just good beef soup – add some scallions, rice, a little salt and served with one banchan – a really delicious kim-chee radish.

A perfect meal before going to Itaewon and seeing the wonderful world of counterfeits!
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Why pay thousands for a Versace handbag when you can get the almost real thing for a negotiable $25! Is that genuine pleather I feel!?

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$2 for fake designer socks? I think so! A pair of the Gugci socks, please!