Over the past three weeks we have had the amazing opportunity to study yoga in India. We have been staying in Goa, a laid back beach town, but classes have been held three times a day most days, starting at 6:30 am (Yikes–SO early for me!). Things have felt strangely relaxed but extremely busy at the same time, therefore our blog updates have suffered and we are long overdue for an update–sorry!! This morning we leave for somewhat of a modified camping trip and then Saturday we have decided to continue on with the yoga group for an eleven day trek through Southern India. Love it or hate it, everyone I talk to reports that India is one of the most fascinating countries the world, and I can already see why. I am BEYOND excited to explore more of it’s complexities and to report back. Updates on India COMING SOON!

For now, I will write a short post about the last place we visited in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay. About a three hour drive by bus from Hanoi,and a popular tourist destination, Ha Long Bay was a must see on my list. We booked a tour through one of the plentiful travel agent offices along the streets, hoped a bus to the bay, and then climbed onto a boat that took us through the towering sandstone islets that make up this 1553 km natural wonder.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Honestly, I wish I had learned a bit more about the place while we were there, but I was too busy trying to capture the stunning scenery on my camera and simply basking in the amazingness of it to ask questions of the guide.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

According to legend, Ha Long Bay was created after the Gods sent a dragon from the sky to help protect Vietnam from invaders. When the dragon had done it’s duty, it decided it liked the landscape and settled in the bay, it’s serpent-like body creating the other-worldly rock formations jutting skyward.

Science asserts that it took over 500 MILLION years exposure to the elements to shape the landscape we saw on this trip. Either which way though, the landscape is stunning. Just simply stunning.

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Our boat also docked in one of the tiny FLOATING fishing villages that dot the bay. The village was so bright and colorful! Most of the charming, one-room houses were painted a happy turquoise or yellow. Laundry hung outside on the front porches to dry, and large numbers hand drawn near the front doors marked their place on the waterway.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Mode of transport in the village was boat or Kayak. There was even a tiny floating school! In looking at it, the existence of such a place seemed to me to be straight from a fairy tale-or at least out of a history book-but there it was, plain as day, a self-sustaining, floating village, situated just a short boat ride away from bustling modern cityscape….. Can you imagine? Too cool.

The little school in the village–we could hear children singing inside :)