Happy holidays!! We hope you are all enjoying vacation, family, friends and maybe even a little snow. We still have much more to write and more pictures to share from our time in India, but in the interest of not getting TOO far behind on updates, we thought we would share some pictures from our Christmas here in Thailand.


After we left India the beginning of December we set off for Thailand and booked a room in Bangkok. Traveling really should be all fun and relaxation and amazingness, but it can be taxing and tiring sometimes. After 6 weeks in a third world country, we were ready for some of Bangkok’s western creature comforts, and ended up staying for about 10 days.


Bangkok definitely has all the first-world comforts, full of fun things to do and an enormous variety of international foods. I am a beach girl at heart though, so after our stint in the city we headed to Krabi, an area on the south west coast of Thailand where islands made of gorgeous beaches and limestone cliffs dot the seascape and tourists roam the mainland.


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Ao Nang beach


I wasn’t actually expecting to love it here so much. I had heard over and over again that “Thailand is so TOURISTY”. People say “touristy” like its a bad word. I will tell you, yes, much of the time an influx of tourists ruins the magic of a place that made it so great to begin with. But sometimes it is just really nice to have some of the things that a western tourist culture brings to an area. This was one of those times. Besides, we stayed in a nicer, but less expensive hotel in Krabi town, a sleepy area away from all the hustle and bustle of the beaches. When we wanted to get crazy, we rented a motorbike and drove to the more touristy areas of Ao Nang, then took long tail boats to neighboring beaches and islands. In our opinion, this is the way to do it.


So many places to go, so little time!!


It was strange being away from home for Christmas. This was my first time not going home to Cincinnati and I found myself dreaming of chilly winter weather, shiny Christmas lights, and that “ahh I’m home” feeling that you get from just hanging out with best friends and family in, like, the kitchen, snacking on comfort food.


But, here there is the beach. And my wonderful, loving husband. These are new memories we will cherish forever.


So what did we do Christmas week, away from all the US holiday madness?



Hung out at the Beach (of course!)

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West Railay beach, the prettiest one in Krabi (in our opinion), with the best water for swimming


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Ton Sai, not as nice a beach for swimming but had a chill vibe with cool restaurants/bars nestled in the trees where you could grab a cold drink, lay back on some brightly colored pillows and take in the view. Also a great beach for rock climbing–we watched several people seemingly defying gravity as they climbed on the underside of the cliffs!


I completely wasn’t expecting the limestone cliffs. Everyone talks about Ha Long Bay in Vietnam because of these kinds of geologic formations, but no one told me we would see them here too!! Or get to just hang out on a beach right underneath one!! Pretty spectacular.


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Look mom, stalactites!


The long boats lined up to take people to and from the islands/mainland–just buy a ticket at the booths nearby and you’re good to go!


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Catering to the tourists…..


But hey, what is a day at the beach without at least ONE island style drink?


Just don’t have too many or you could end up like this…..
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Sunset on West Railey, one of the prettiest I’ve seen



Went on a CRAZY long motorbike ride and bathed in natural hot springs


The ride there was supposed to be an hour, but ended up being about three because we got lost. Tired and hungry we narrowly avoided matrimonial non-bliss by stopping at a roadside Halal food stand at a gas station parking lot that served a surprisingly delicious Fish Ball Soup. Sated and happy again we finally found the hot springs we were looking for and had a blast. Goes to show, sometimes the best adventures are the ones not so carefully planned!


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Ate at our local night market (many, many times!).


This market was low key, mostly locals, and had solidly good Thai food. Mo and I decided early on that to make the most of our night market meals we would engage in “progressive dinners”, stopping at three or four stalls a night for “mini meals” to get a good sampling. The best thing was that each night, after all this, the total cost of our food together never added up to more than $10!


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Coconut cakes (kind of tasted like coconut oatmeal!), mango and sticky rice with coconut milk on top, and banana “pancakes” (really just a crepe but fried with a LOT of butter, so a little salty tasting)


P.S. My SLP friends will appreciate the sign above….



Went on a boat tour to Hong Island.


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Yes, Hong, if you are reading this, we went to this island SIMPLY because it was named after you. We found out later that the island was not ACTUALLY an homage to Mo’s brother, but named this because Hong means “space inside” and the island had a lagoon in the middle.


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This is what tourists do on Christmas


Hong island was really stunning BUT, since it was a tour packed with 20 other people, it was crowded, stop and go, and not our FAVORITE thing that we did this trip (sorry Hong). If we went again we would pay the extra to get our own boat to the island (not hard to do and not that much more…)



Became certified scuba divers!!


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We spent two days at Local Divers dive shop learning the ins and outs of scuba and then did two open water dives. I imagined being far under the surface of the water would be more foreign feeling that it actually was. We both felt really comfortable and almost forgot that we were breathing through a tank!


Happy holidays from Krabi!!


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Hope all of your holidays were wonderful!!