Flash Forward!!! Although we still have much left to share about our time in Europe (Italy, Hungary, Croatia, oh my!), I wanted to post a current update since, for me at least, a huge chapter of this year is coming to a close.


In March, since weather was not very permitting, we changed our plan to go to Greece (islands in the rain? Mmmm, no thanks) and headed to Budapest, Hungary instead. Boy were we glad! Budapest was maybe our second favorite city in Europe: clean and gorgeous, hip, and full of goulash–there will definitely be a post on it coming soon!
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At the beginning of May we were lucky enough to have two good friends meet us in another awesome destination, Croatia! Although Mo and I love traveling together, after eight months mostly alone, having our friends with us for two weeks was a really nice change of pace–they are so fun, the vibe was great and we felt social again, yay! With them we started a whirlwind tour of Croatia, traveling from South (Dubruvnick) to North (Istria). We walked castle walls, rented a car and drove along the coast, drank lemon beer with stunning views of the Adriatic and even went hunting through the forest for truffles. It was a blast. Again, posts to come!

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On our last two days all together, we headed to Southern Germany, Mostly just to eat bratwurst, schnitzel and strudel. Oh and for the beer.


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And for some biking through the Black Forest, which was a little wet and muddy that day, but still totally awesome.



Currently, it has come to this: Me on a plane back to the states and Mo on his way to Austria, France and Holland. My overseas trip has ended for now (I have a wedding to be home for) and his will continue (because when you have a year long sabbatical you best make the most of it!). I would love to stay a wanderer with him for a little longer, but we both think that space can be really good sometimes, not only to consolidate our own thoughts about what we just experienced traveling, but to simply have time to miss each other. Absence really does make the heart fonder and can give you an appreciation of the other person that you might sometimes take for granted. I firmly believe that space and independent experiences, when at the right times, give balance to a relationship and strengthen it.


…..Is it bad that I miss him already??


This year’s travel is not over for me though. Even though I am due to arrive in the states any minute, I am not going straight home. I am headed to one of the most amazing (and one of my FAVORITE) cities in the whole world, New York, to spend some awesome and much needed girl time with my best friend. Fun posts about all this to come as well! And don’t worry, we won’t stop there, we have a whole USA road trip planned when Mo gets back from Europe (I must get him re-acclimated to the US and all it’s yummy foods and beautiful sights, right??)


I am so very thankful for all of these experiences, for a wonderful husband who navigates us through any and all cities, for great friends who meet us on the road, loving family to come home to and a free summer ahead of us before we have to dive back into some form of “real life” in San Francisco in the fall. Sometimes, life simply amazes me.


Happy almost weekend!

More to come soon!