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Hi friends!


Over this past year I have been entertained, taught and inspired by many great new blogs that are being published. For me there are speech therapy blogs for job inspiration, travel blogs, photography blogs, design blogs, gardening and DIY blogs, fashion blogs and so much more! I am constantly inspired by the beautiful things that people are doing with their lives and the meaningful way they are sharing it with others. The question is, with so much great content to read, how do we keep track of it all? I have tried a lot of things, from bookmarking to the blogshelf app, but the newest one is BLOGLOVIN. So far, this app makes it super easy to follow the feeds I love and not take up tons of storage space on my iPad. SOOOO, I have added us to the mix. :) :)

If you are so inclined, you can now follow planestrainsandparks on bloglovin through the link below!

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More fun posts to come :)

Happy Thursday!